Supplying High End Medical Equipment

K&T Techniques Medicales SA is a licensed professional supplier of high-tech medical equipment, operating in the medical market since 2001.

Our main business focuses include:

  • Diagnostic Equipment, including X-Ray, Ultrasound and CT
  • Equipment for Operating Room and Intensive Care Unit
  • Equipment for the care of newborns
  • Hospital Beds


Official partner of several leading manufactures, including:

  • GE Healthcare (USA) - CT, Anesthesia and Respiratory Equipment, Ultrasound Machines
  • Shimadzu (Japan) - X-Ray Systems
  • CareFusion (USA) - Ventilators
  • FujiFilm (Japan) - Digital X-Ray Systems for Diagnosis and Treatment, Mammography
  • Pentax (Japan) - Endoscopy Equipment
  • Covidien (USA) - Surgical Aids
  • Völker (Germany) - Hospital Beds

Specialized Equipment

In cooperation with international partners, we also supply complex equipment for medical facilities, including the planning and installation of systems such as clean rooms, medical gas supply and centralized sterilization rooms.

We have also participated in the supply of specialized equipment for Oncology as well as equipment for medical examinations in the fields of obstetrics, gynecology and neonatology (supplied to perinatal centers).